Social Media: A Great way to boost your OnlinePresence


Whether you’re a tech start-up looking to expand your reach ora DIY professional interested to get the word out, social media is the best resource to reach your target audience.

If you haven’t delved into the social media world yet (or maybe you’ve been trying to figure things around, but still very new), then your first step should be to determine which social media platforms fits your service/productaccording to your target audience.

Here are some of the popular social media platforms to choose from:

Multimedia:  Multimedia websites such as Pinterest,Youtube, and Vimeo are ideal for users to post and share photos and videos. Each of them is used for different purposes. While Vimeo enables short video posting, you can find long videos on Youtube. These social media sites allowusers to express their viewsand opinions through commenting.

Social connection: Social connection channels such as Twitter and Facebook allow users to connect to each other through posts and messaging that can include several different media elements. Facebook is the best place for users to post and share their opinions, while also interacting people from every corner of the world. Twitter on the other hand, enables users to post single photos and short messages to create a conversation with the connections and boost online presence.

Professional: LinkedIn is the post popular professional website. Not just it allows you to post a personal page that portrays your professional experience, but you can also expand your network with “people you know” and share business information in your personal feed. Companies can also create a business page that shows their services and information all about them.

In order to choose the best social media platform for your product/service, you must determine the target market you want to focus on. It may be a bit frustrating in the start, but as you get more experience in the industry and with a little trial and error, there’s no reason why you can’t choose the social media platform for your business wisely – strengthening your presence in the world of social media!

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